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Now that our Wefunder equity crowdfunding campaign is in full swing, we want to let you all in to our vision for how we'll use the money we're raising. 


The first tier is an initial $50,000.  To date, we are more than half-way to that goal!  

The largest portion of those funds are marked for sales and press relations.  This is an exciting time for Bogobrush: demand grows every day, and the more people who learn the Bogobrush story, the more people want to be part of it.  It’s just a matter of reaching them.

"If I was down to my last dollar, I'd spend it on PR." - Bill Gates

We'll push the Bogobrush story, the made in USA story, the design story, the woman-led business story, the eco-friendly toothbrush story.  Everything to help the world understand our mission and dreams for the little toothbrush that could. 

Next, we'll invest in kits to use for sales and press.  This is all designed and ready to go - we just need the funds to create several hundred of them - and hopefully more efficiently than we do it now, one by one, by hand. :)

We'll invest in SEO (search engine optimization) and Search Ads to keep Bogobrush relevant online.  

We'll invest a bit into a couple events within our Giving Communities to celebrate you, our partners, and learn more about how we can contribute in meaningful ways to solving the problems that face our towns and planet.

The smallest amount of cash, but most definitely not the least important: Subscriptions.  We have the technology all ready to go, but we are just short on funds.  With the success of our Wefunder campaign, all it will take is a click of a button and your biodegradable toothbrush will be deliverable to your door every few months.  


So easy and healthy for you, and for the business, subscriptions mean recurring revenue.  Win-win.


Anything raised over that $50K will be used for a down payment on tooling and equipment which will cut our cost of manufacturing in half and make it possible for us to talk with larger distributors around the world.

Join us as we continue bringing this dream into reality: invest a minimum $100 at


Last week, co-founder Heather traveled with her husband, David, to Kampala, Uganda, where their friends Chris and Heather are working and tackling some of the biggest challenges facing the Ugandan people.  As part of their trip, they had the opportunity to attend an event at the United Nations in Kampala as Chris's guests.

The event was for a branch of the United Nations called Pulse Lab.  Pulse Lab is a think-tank, of sorts, that is working on developing tech platforms for analyzing and showcasing big data in real time.  It's all a bit wordy sounding, but in application it's cutting edge.  There are only three Pulse Labs in the world: Jakarta, New York, and Kampala. 

In Kampala, Uganda, unbelievable amounts of data are gathered, often times via mobile device, from organizations in areas like public health, public safety, climate and clean water.  Pulse Lab creates tools to compare the data and help decision-makers identify trends, solve problems, and in some cases predict epidemics or outbreaks.  

At the event, Pulse was presenting the tool in the context of HIV/AIDS treatment, specifically Option B+, which is a treatment to reduce mother to child transmission of AIDS. In partnership with The Ministry of Health and UNAID, Pulse Lab Kampala is developing an application that uses real-time analytics to monitor the implementation of Option B+ and the quality of the service delivered by health centers.  

This level of data analysis is leading the way in the UN globally.  

"It was such an honor to be in the presence of the Pulse Lab team in Kampala, and to witness the direct impact their work has on issues I've only ever heard about at a distance.  These individuals are truly on ground level, helping the world be a better place." - Heather

invest biodegradable toothbrush
From May 16th, for the first time in 80 years, investing in start-ups is open to every day people, not just wealthy, accredited individuals.
Bogobrush was invited to be one of the first and select number of companies to launch on the platform.  Wefunder has been involved since the early days of drafting the change in legislation, and now because of their work, you can invest in Bogobrush to be part of the eco-friendly, socially-minded adventure!

We'd love for you to check out our profile on Wefunder, read about our vision for Bogobrush, and learn about our plan to continue growing.  If crowdfunding is right for you, we hope you'll invest and join us as owners of Bogobrush!  Either way, we'd be honored by your encouragements, sharing our campaign with friends, and helping us in anyway you can.  

Learn more at, or send us an email with questions.

We'll keep you posted, and until then, keep on brushin!
John and Heather
WELCOME TO THE TEAM!  Say hello to Adam, our new and awesome sales teammate.  Read on for the story of his wanderlust life and other important things, like Buzzfeed quiz results.  ;) (Sure, you can take the quiz, is below.) 


Adam lives and breathes ‘design.' With over 13 years of experience in high-end textile, home furnishings and personal care industries, he's developed a keen aesthetic and an easy instinct for developing niche specialty brands. Fueled by his passion for traveling the globe he brings a unique global perspective and savvy can-do spirit to everything he does.


Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and having lived in New York City for almost 15 years, Adam’s career is as diverse as the two cities he’s called home. He studied Theater Performance in university, and post-graduation he fell into retail sales.  He started on the floor at Urban Outfitters and eventually found himself behind the counter at Barney’s New York. From eclectic to classic, it wasn’t long before he hopped the fence to wholesale where he continued growing and evolving with companies such as Jurlique, Sharps Baber & Shop, DwellStudio, JackThreads, Thrillist Media and aden + anais.
- - - - - 
In 2014 his wanderlust caught the best of him and he embarked to Abu Dhabi where he was fortunate enough to travel through the Middle-East and beyond. It was there he met Bogobrush co-founder Heather McDougall. Now back home in the San Francisco Bay Area after nearly 17 years away, he enjoys spending time with his family, hiking the mountains of Northern California and eating his way through the culinary-centric city of San Francisco.  


Adam was drawn to Bogobrush by the sleek, modern design of a biodegradable toothbrush, and was hooked by the Buy One Give One aspect. "Anytime a product can do something for a person in need I'm all in. Something I use twice a day can make a difference in someone's life - that's pretty cool."


Now the really important stuff...

Haha!  Gotta love a good Buzzfeed quiz. We think 'overalls' is a stellar trend.


Take the quiz yourself!  Follow this link, and let us know how you match up:)


Happy Holidays, Bogobrushers!  

Are you looking for a last minute stocking-stuffer?  Is it too late to ship them? Well, Bogobrushes are available at some perfect little shops across the U.S.  Here is where you can find the little toothbrush that could. 

Fargo: Others Shop 
Jamestown: Dakota Store
Detroit: Nest Housewares
St. Joseph: Bound for Freedom
New Orleans: Sprout and Press
Iowa City: Raygun
Kansas City: Raygun
Portland: Beam and Anchor

Bogobrush Retail

Fan art and a story! We always love to hear from you, our awesome Bogobrusher family, and recently we heard from Dino about his tale from the day he and his partner received their new Bogobrushes.  When we asked if we could share his story with you, he not only said yes, but sent us an adorable illustration they made.  It is just too good to keep to ourselves, and we hope you enjoy it!




YAY!  Thanks, Dino, for sharing your talent and your story.  Here's to many more curries and Bogobrushes.  Cheers!

BE THE FIRST!  You are among our earliest supporters, and we are so happy to announce the new collection to you.  Head to our shop and meet the new Bogobrush.
THE LITTLE TOOTHBRUSH THAT COULD. Bogobrush's mission is to be the toothbrush you can actually care about.  Beautiful, ecological, buy one give one, and now made entirely in the U.S.A.

FREE SHIPPING.  We can't wait for you to experience the new Bogobrush, so we are offering free shipping on any U.S. order over $30 in our online shop.

As always, thank you for your support!

A lot has happened since we sold out of Bogobrushes last May.  So here is complete recap on the new and improved Bogobrush.

Bad Bamboo Bogobrushes

BAMBOO NOT CUTTIN’ IT.  It turns out that pretty bamboo toothbrushes are very hard (and expensive) to make. Our pilot run brushes were beautiful and successful, but when we scaled up for production more than half of them failed to meet our tolerances.  This led to bristling failures – some we could catch, others happened in a few of your mouths. : /

With your feedback, we knew we had to find a solution that would take out this risk. For now, the best way to do that is to use a material that can be molded.

TO GRANDMA’S HOUSE WE GO. Our search for a better material took us to an unexpected place – our Grandma’s hometown in ND!  Two fantastic manufacturing firms are there, and together they’ve been the right partners to find a moldable solution for Bogobrush.


A NEW TOOL FOR BOGOBRUSH. It took a couple months to get the digital model just right  for building our mold, but by late summer, our first molding tool was in production.  In September, the tool was ready for use.

FINDING THE RIGHT ECO-PLASTIC.  Our initial choice of eco-plastic had trouble in the mold: sink holes, bubbles, and impossible cycle times.  Disappointed, but not defeated, we searched and finally, we found two that work:

1.  A biodegradable plastic – made from plants, and

2.  A recyclable plastic – made from recycled plastic.

In November, we watched these materials run through our mold in North Dakota. The photo below is of the exact prototypes we saw – they’re beautiful and we were ecstatic to see that they’re consistently bristlable, too!


WHEN? We’re looking at a new launch in spring/summer 2015.   We’re bummed to miss so much time in the market, but we need to get this right.  And ultimately, the only way to get anywhere is to keep moving, so onward we go!

HELPING PAVE THE WAY FOR OTHERS. We’re learning, first-hand, that eco-friendly products are rare because the materials are new and everyone in the production chain is learning how to work with them. We haven’t always felt patient (or happy) with the development times, but our efforts really do help make the path easier, not just for Bogobrush, but for other eco-friendly products, too.

Photo Nov 06, 7 42 15 PM

BORN IN THE USA. We are so proud of our U.S. manufacturing partners, and we want you to get to know them, too.  Stay tuned over the next weeks and months as we introduce you to our Bogobrush makers.

Until next time, keep on brushin’!

Earlier this year, we were approved for a loan from the Michigan Women’s Foundation, and I recently met with loan officer, Vanessa, to close the loan. These dollars are all going toward the purchase of our next round of inventory and website development, and we are all so excited to partner with this supportive foundation.

MWF 14

 Michigan Women’s Foundation’s mission is to transform Michigan to achieve equality and empowerment for women and girls and to eliminate barriers to economic and social equality for women and girls. You can find out more here.

All of the women I’ve met from the organization are gals with inspiring backgrounds and interesting networks. It may sound cliche, but as a woman entrepreneur, I really am glad to find women like this who I can talk with as we grow our business. It’s great to have a balance of advisement from all different perspectives – man, woman, industry, geographic location, culture, age, and experiments.

Thanks, Michigan Women’s Foundation. Here’s to our mutual success!


Heather, CEO


Our CEO, Heather, had the opportunity to speak at TEDxFargo this week.  In her talk, she explains how her experiences with social entrepreneurship have inspired her to embrace the struggles – as we all can in our own lives – for they are the only way to evolve toward the future. Listen to her full talk here!