Your minimal holiday guide

Do you love the holidays but also want to maintain a minimal lifestyle? We’ve got you covered!

Get inspired by nature.

Minimal holiday decor

Pine cones can be strung into a decorative wall hanging, or you can use branches from your Christmas tree to make your own wreath or garland. Plus, it will smell amazing! 


Minimal holiday decor

Use what you already have at home to display those holiday cards that start rolling in this time of year. Don't have any boards like they do in this photo? Use some string along a blank wall to display them.

Use what you have.

Minimal holiday decor

This time of year usually means excess. It doesn't have to be, though! Use things you already have to add some flair to your home. Use sticks and string to make a 2D tree along your wall or make a wall hanging like this one. 


Minimal holiday decor

Feeling crafty? Paint your own tiny wooden trees! A little gold paint goes a long way in adding festive cheer. What if you don't have tiny wooden trees just lying around? Try filling a vase with Christmas ornaments you already have, or stringing holiday lights around your living room. It will feel magical. :)

Make sure it brings you joy. 

Minimal holiday decor

It's easy to get overwhelmed during the holidays. Take a breath, remind yourself what the season is really about (Togetherness! Kindness!), and choose the things that will bring you happiness.

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