Sustainably Stunning: creating toothbrushes that will never see a landfill.

Bogobrush brush + stand in Naked flax biocomposite

Creating a compostable toothbrush that actually works.

When we first started Bogobrush, one guiding rule was that everything we create should benefit the planet, and the people who live on it.   To benefit the planet, we committed to bring products into the world that would never end up in a landfill.  To benefit people, it meant those products had to be uncompromising in their quality, cleaning your teeth as well or better than any toothbrush on the market.  What we quickly realized was that there were plenty of "eco" toothbrushes that promised to be good for the environment, but completely failed at their task of cleaning teeth.  

450 million toothbrushes end up in US landfills every year

We knew that there had to be a way to make a product responsibly, locally, and sustainably that still functioned perfectly.   The book, Cradle to Cradle had long been an inspiration to us, and we followed the process to create two collections of products:  A Recycled plastic toothbrush that can recycled over and over again,  and a Biodegradable composite toothbrush that is made from plants, and can be composted at the end of it's life.  

We were beyond fortunate to meet our friends and partners at C2renew who were innovating in the science of bio-composites, and were willing to try their new materials out on our humble toothbrush.   

Bogobrush made from Flax biocomposite


With our Naked Flax collection, you will get a product with zero compromise for the planet, or your smile.  If you haven't already, give your daily routine an upgrade, and say goodbye to the landfill by getting your hands on a toothbrush that is designed to be different.  Order your Bogobrush here, and start brushing better.