We're spreading some hometown love, today.  Meet Bogobrush retailer, Dakota Store! 


Tell us about the Dakota Store and your inspiration.

The Dakota Store opened as a summer seasonal store in 2009 at the Frontier Village in Jamestown, ND. The inspiration was tourism dollars. No other retail stores were carrying a large line of North Dakota made products. In 2011 an opportunity came up to have a store in the Buffalo Mall during the Christmas season selling ND gifts. An opportunity to open a year round retail store on Main Street came in 2013. The Frontier Village store is still open all summer.

How do you choose the products to carry in your shop? 

Products are chosen for their uniqueness, connection to ND, and price range. The store tries not to have the same type of items other stores in the area carry. The volunteer staff looks all year round for items that have a general appeal. The store carries everything from pottery and handmade baskets to food items and locally designed t-shirts are available.

Are all of the products directly from North Dakota?  

For the most part items are produced in North Dakota but we look at each item individually to determine its fit and connection to our business. Bogobrush is a unique item for the store because two kids from Jamestown invented it and they happen to be friends of mine.

Dentist at Frontier Village Jamestown ND

Down the road from the Dakota's Store's summer location is the replica Dentist office of the Frontier Village. No coincidence here. ;)


    What is ServeYES! and how is the Dakota Store involved?

    ServeYES! is a volunteer  matching organization that helps volunteers do the kind of service they enjoy the most, and we help other nonprofits find the placements they need.  The Dakota Store is an enterprise that financially supports those efforts.

    How do you choose who participates in the program?

    Retail experience helps but is not necessary. The summer customers come from all over the United States and some foreign countries so being a people person and enjoying visiting is helpful. Knowledge of area tourism is good to know and there are local maps and brochures at our store. All of our store volunteers have an interest in promoting North Dakota and proud to live here.


    What has surprised you most through Dakota Store? 

    The Dakota Store features products from over 65 different vendors. Many of them are members of the Pride of Dakota* marketing program sponsored by the ND Department of Agriculture. It is not necessary to have that distinction but is another great marketing tool. The comments we hear all the time are-“what a great variety” and “I had no idea that was made in North Dakota”.

    *Pride of Dakota has over 500 members- each company makes their own product. They produce everything from lotions, books, wooden toy barns, woolen mittens and calendars to BBQ sauce, chokecherry taffy, bison sausage, soup mixes, and crock pot seasonings.