Q & A with Bogobrush co-founder Heather McDougall

What is sustainability to you?

My simple, cut to the chase answer is that Sustainability is the balance of all things. To dive deeper into my brain, I think that, existentially, that balance is beyond human knowing and within the realm of faith. More practically, it's the balance of humanity and planet where the creation and consumption of energy is in a state of constant flow. I think it requires an understanding that people and the planet both create and both consume. And also, that energy includes goods, services, thoughts, and relationships. It's the thoughts and relationships piece where I think humans can make a huge impact, and it's relatively untapped. :)

Sustainability with Heather McDougall

What are 3 ways everyone could become a bit more sustainable today?

1. Avoid products that are only garbage - not biodegradable, recyclable, or reusable. But, when you do produce garbage, before you throw it in the trash bin, really look at it and say "thank you." Honor the energy that created it.

2. When making a decision (purchasing or relational) ask yourself, "Am I saying yes because this fuels my soul and helps my light stay lit, or am I saying yes because my ego (i.e. human conditioning) tells me I should." Trust that Higher Self choices are always in balance. And, this doesn't mean never consume...just know why you do it. :)

3. What is that thing you do everyday or every week where you hear yourself say you can do something better or different? Is it carrying your reusable water bottle or metal straw? Or, using your compost bin? Or, giving a buck to the homeless gal? Or reading that book about the cause you want to know more about?  We all have that thing that is on our "edge." Commit to it for one week. See how you feel.

Sustainability with Heather McDougall

What do you want students to take away from your workshop?  

I want students to walk away from the workshop with a broader mindset for making a sustainable impact. I will share how sustainability is so much more than the products we use and whether we recycle or not - those are important - but in an imperfect system of production and the world of marketing can leave us feeling defeated. Instead, I want students to feel empowered by the vibrations of their mindset, and feel a new sense of faith that their passions and truths are designed to fit in a sustainable world. Students will leave the workshop with a toolbox of questions and a personalized statement for making these positive changes in their daily lives.