hannah kang editorial

editorial 2016, hannah kang

Welcome back to our Mind of an Illustrator series with Hannah Kang! In Part 1, we chatted with Hannah about the path that led her to illustration and how it evolved into work for Bogobrush. In this Part 2, we're exposing the inner genius of Hannah's creative process. Enjoy!


BOGOBRUSH: Where do you look for inspiration?

HANNAH KANG: The best ideas come to me serendipitously right before going to bed or during my sacred time, in the shower haha!  Basically, a moment of genius comes for a visit when it’s not really ideal, when I’m far away from my sketchbook! But these tend to be the best ideas and I can’t ignore them, no matter if I have my PJs on. I would get these flashes of inspiration but this only happens when I’m lucky. Otherwise, I often find myself being creatively constipated, unable to let the creativity flow when I do have my sketchbook open and ready to receive an inspiration. When I’m not so lucky, I try to remedy this by looking at illustrations I admire by other illustrators or pictures, funny lines from movies/books and sometimes, this will allow magical moment to happen and spark an idea.


B: Do you sketch by hand?

HK: Yes, almost 99% of the time. :) It all starts from a hand sketch and I’ll either leave it as the rough and loose hand sketch for that authentic charm or crank up my OCD and refine and clean up all those hairy lines by overlaying the scanned drawing and finishing them in a digital format.

nursery animal goats hannah kang

nursery animals series, 2013 hannah kang

B: i CAN'T BEGIN TO FATHOM THE TIME THAT GOES INTO YOUR ART. How do you plan the amount of time it takes for an illustration?

HK: I am normally terrible at estimating how long/short a project will take. I tend to get overambitious and underestimate the time. Rarely do I overestimate how long a project will take and and to my surprise, end up finishing it in a short amount of time.

B: What tools or programs do you use?

HK: Mechanical pencils, tracing paper for producing clean inked line drawing (nib and ink) as an overlay of the original loose pencil sketch, photoshop, illustrator, watercolor brushes, etc.

hitch hiker hannah kang

hitch hiker 2010, hannah kang

B: How do you decide which colors to use for each project?

HK: The more color, the better it is! I let my inner child go crazy with bright colors! No shame, no holding back :) Typically, I have a pinterest board with color combination I love and will use them as a reference or any packaging design from stores I find that I love. Generally, I love using bright pastel colors because they make me happy when I paint with bright fun colors :)

do the donk hannh kang

do the donk 2014, hannah kang

B: It seems like each of your illustrations have unique styles and qualities. Is there a way you can describe your overall aesthetic?

HK: Whimsical, playful and sometimes simple to minimal and sometimes, very detailed.

B: Will you share a couple examples of work you've done for other brands or clients?

HK: Besides Bogobrush, I have done some freelance illustrations for other local businesses including art for a drink coaster series and some fun collaborations with my friends at Woodward Throwbacks. I do wedding invitations, too!

woodward throwbacks six pack hannah kang

woodward throwbacks 2015, hannah kang

hannah kang invitation

wedding invitation 2016, hannah kang

B: Alright, one more question to wrap it back to Bogobrush. :) What is your dream Bogobrush illustration?

Having these fun wall paper/wrapping paper like illustration pattern on the packaging for a limited edition or something that could be used as a backdrop for promoting Bogobrush in magazine spreads… Or doing any posters for Bogobrush and let my creativity loose!

wallpaper bogobrush hannah kang

limited edition prints, 2017 hannah kang

TO LEARN MORE, visit Hannah's website. And, if you love her work, spread the love and share her name. <3

Thank you, Hannah, for your creativity, talent, and Bogobrush love!