Guest blogger: The Debtist

Hi everyone!

My name is Samantha Tillapaugh. I am a practicing general dentist in Orange County, California, as well as a lifestyle blogger at When I am not writing or saving the world, one tooth at a time, I am usually finding as many ways as possible to be in nature. I love traveling to other countries, mostly to learn more about other cultures and to broaden my perspective. When I am home, I spend my days making good cups of coffee, baking home-made sourdough bread, reveling in a quiet yoga practice, or reading books on a couch, to quench my unending thirst for more knowledge.

I am known as The Debtist due to the large amount of debt that I accrued going to dental school. The debt has led me to embrace a very simple lifestyle, focused around daily choices that do good for the planet, and the people on it. I went into dentistry with the goal of helping people, and I wanted to extend that past the patients I interact with every day. I recently decided to create a section on my blog where I could share my dental knowledge online, so that my education does not go to waste! I figure that I paid a lot of money to learn all that I know, so that I could share it with my patients, and the world at large, for free.

I am so excited to be partnering with Bogobrush in their quest to make oral health care cool! Your oral health care does not have to be complicated, confusing, or scary. Instead, we want to educate others about their teeth, in order to empower them to take control of their oral health. We want to make it very easy to talk about current, relevant, real-life topics, as well as provide actionable tips that anyone can take to ensure that they have a smile that shines. I hope to shed light on some of the facts (and occasionally, personal opinions), but this is never the final say. I write as a means to share what I know, with an open-ness to learn more. Feel free to express your opinions, ask questions, or to just reach out. With that, we are glad you are here.

Sincerely, Sam.