Helping communities is nurtured into the soul of Bogobrush, and when social good connector, Abel Impact, contacted us about joining them in project for homeless tote bags, we knew it was a perfect project pairing. 

bogobrush for homeless with abel impact

ABEL IMPACT is designed to help businesses and families find genuine solutions for giving back in ways that match each business's or family's unique values. Founder, Bailey Von Tassel believes if we act with generosity and soul, businesses will connect better with customers and employees, and families will build a meaningful legacy for generations to come. 

the homeless tote project

The team at Abel Impact chose to showcase a DIY homeless tote project as an example of something we can do in offices and families to connect to each other and create something that makes a real difference. Each item was chosen intentionally by the team to fulfill two key philosophies:

1. actually helpful and useful

The Abel Impact team knew they needed to provide items that are actually useful to a person in homeless circumstances. Not just what sounds good, but what experts say are needed. 

For instance: SOCKS. When feet get wet and are exposed to the elements, they are extremely susceptible to injury, and an injured foot disrupts a chain of health and survival problems. 

Other items included:

  • Reusable tote bag (HAE now)
  • Toothbrush (Bogobrush)
  • Water bottle (Klean Kanteen)
  • Granola bar
  • Orange and apples
  • Handmade note cards to share a little love

assemble bogobrush homeless tote

2. accessible and easy to assemble

This project is meant to inspire us all to act, and to show that giving back doesn't need to be complicated. We all have tools around us to participate and share. 

highlighting businesses who give 

We are so happy to connect with Abel Impact through this project, and we love their use of other products with social and environmental pursuits. Giving back with products who give back. What a beautiful circle. :)

You can learn more about this project on the Abel Impact blog

All photos are courtesy of Abel Impact.