Embrace hygge and stay cozy all winter long

Hygge (pronounced HOO-gah) roughly translates to “coziness” in English, and those in Denmark have cultivated an entire season around it.

This year, why not try to do as the Danes do and focus on doing things that bring you joy?

Here are some guidelines to embrace hygge in its fullest:

1. Take a break from your phone. You're not missing anything, trust me! Unplug and enjoy an IRL conversation with family or friends and live in the moment.

2. Go outside, even if it's cold. I get it, it's chilly! But getting out in nature and getting a little vitamin D will definitely make you feel better (and also make you appreciate those cozy blankets back at home!). Build a snowman, shovel a neighbor's walk, or take a walk with a hot drink.

3. Build a fire in your fireplace or light some candles. Create some ambiance! Lowering the lights and enjoying the natural glow of a fire will make you feel miles away from any troubles.

4. Indulge a bit! Enjoy some baked goods, a hot drink, and relax. No further explanation needed.

5. Spend time with those you love. Here in the US, the holidays can feel overwhelming, but remember to take a breather from shopping and checking things off your to do list and cozy up by the fire with a cup of hot chocolate and a good conversation.