Dental Humanitarian Outreach Program

In 2018, Bogobrush partnered with the Dental Humanitarian Outreach Program (DHOP) to help them provide care to families in Panama. We caught up with Conor Perrin from DHOP to learn more about what they do.

What is DHOP?

The Dental Humanitarian Outreach Program’s (DHOP) mission is for local and international humanitarian groups, USC dental-students, faculty and alumni to come together with the common interest of providing the highest quality of periodontal treatment, operative dentistry, and oral surgery to those that need it most abroad.

How did you get involved in this program?

Ever since I started dental school, I heard about the sense of community involved with everyone who went on the DHOP mission trip each December and how humbled everyone was to partake in such an experience. It was something I really wanted to be a part of, so I applied and ended up being accepted to join the mission as a first year student.


What's next for DHOP?

Typically, about 50 students are chosen to attend the trip each year, all of whom have to submit an application and interview before being selected. As I’ve now completed two missions and wrapped up my final trimester as a second year dental student, I have served on the DHOP board previously as one of the fundraising chairs and will now serve as one of the 2019 upcoming mission’s co-directors. Though we have some ideas as to where we would like to take our upcoming mission, it often relies on contacts that we make in the international community. From here, the people we reach out to help guide us into making a final decision as to what area would be the best fit for our organization to serve.


For our 2019 mission, the board wants to continue to elevate the standard of care we provide, which mirrors the standard that’s provided in USC’s home dental clinic, while also trying to provide treatment to a greater number of patients each year.

The Dental Humanitarian Outreach Program is lead by University of Southern California dental students, faculty and alumni on a mission to provide the highest quality care to all communities.