Bogobrushers' Wedding

Weddings are one of those times in life where people put their heart and soul into creating a day filled with personal touches and symbols for the values they hold together.  

Last summer, design enthusiasts Kate and David included Bogobrush in their amazing day. What an honor!

The couple crafted a gift bag for their guests that was perfectly suited for their day. They've generously shared photos and stories with us, and we are thrilled to share them with you.


David and Kate were married at Blair Academy, a boarding school in New Jersey, founded in 1848. It's a special place because David is an alum, and his father has taught there for more than 30 years. As such, the family has long connections to the campus, even down to memories of eating in the cafeteria together.

Blair Academy Wedding

The school opened its campus on this special occasion and allowed the wedding party to use all facilities, including the dormitories for all wedding guests. Enter Bogobrush. :)


Kate and David are creative professionals, and so are most of their wedding guests. As designers, the couple wanted their guests' gifts to fit the dorm room theme, while coming from companies who share their passion for sustainable design. So inside hand-sewn toiletry bags with vintage film stills ironed-on the front, the bride & groom gave their friends the gift of clean teeth and fresh breath, sustain-ably. 

Bogobrush Wedding Gift Bag

From the sounds of the feedback, their guests loved it!


"It's just like them to pull off some personal-crafty thing like this"

"Typical Kate-finding sustain-ably sourced Dorm-kit items"

Bogobrush toothbrushing night of the wedding

And, what a bride! Bogobrushin' and capturing it on camera. <3

About the bride and groom

Kate and David Wedding

KATE is an industrial designer with a focus on sustainable product engineering, and a graduate of Cranbrook Academy of Art. DAVID is a published illustrator and a creative director at Havas, NYC.  Kate and David live in Brooklyn.

David at wedding altarKate Bride

Your wedding looks beautiful, David and Kate. A million congratulations to you. 

Thanks for including us!