The Forward on Climate Rally was billed as the largest climate rally in US history,  and with an estimated 50,000 strong marching in solidarity, urging our government to take action on climate change,  it easily lived up to its billing.

525 miles to go - DC, here comes Bogobrush!

only 525 miles to DC!

Political rallies were new territory for me, but I felt it was important as a part of Bogobrush, and as a citizen to speak up for our planet, so I hopped on a bus from Detroit bound for D.C.


in a sea of 50,000 rally-goers


 I witnessed people from all over the country; Activists, Scientists, Celebrities, Politicians, both conservative and liberal joining together with an energy that was optimistic and overwhelming.   We didn’t all agree on every point, but we stood together in support of a larger mission.  I still have chants of “Hey, Obama…We don’t want no climate drama!” stuck in my head, and hopefully they will be stuck in the minds of our leaders in Washington and around the world as well.



I am proud to be a part of a company that isn’t sitting on the sidelines, but working every day to prove that environmental and social values can coexist and drive true economic value.