A lot has happened since we sold out of Bogobrushes last May.  So here is complete recap on the new and improved Bogobrush.

Bad Bamboo Bogobrushes

BAMBOO NOT CUTTIN’ IT.  It turns out that pretty bamboo toothbrushes are very hard (and expensive) to make. Our pilot run brushes were beautiful and successful, but when we scaled up for production more than half of them failed to meet our tolerances.  This led to bristling failures – some we could catch, others happened in a few of your mouths. : /

With your feedback, we knew we had to find a solution that would take out this risk. For now, the best way to do that is to use a material that can be molded.

TO GRANDMA’S HOUSE WE GO. Our search for a better material took us to an unexpected place – our Grandma’s hometown in ND!  Two fantastic manufacturing firms are there, and together they’ve been the right partners to find a moldable solution for Bogobrush.


A NEW TOOL FOR BOGOBRUSH. It took a couple months to get the digital model just right  for building our mold, but by late summer, our first molding tool was in production.  In September, the tool was ready for use.

FINDING THE RIGHT ECO-PLASTIC.  Our initial choice of eco-plastic had trouble in the mold: sink holes, bubbles, and impossible cycle times.  Disappointed, but not defeated, we searched and finally, we found two that work:

1.  A biodegradable plastic – made from plants, and

2.  A recyclable plastic – made from recycled plastic.

In November, we watched these materials run through our mold in North Dakota. The photo below is of the exact prototypes we saw – they’re beautiful and we were ecstatic to see that they’re consistently bristlable, too!


WHEN? We’re looking at a new launch in spring/summer 2015.   We’re bummed to miss so much time in the market, but we need to get this right.  And ultimately, the only way to get anywhere is to keep moving, so onward we go!

HELPING PAVE THE WAY FOR OTHERS. We’re learning, first-hand, that eco-friendly products are rare because the materials are new and everyone in the production chain is learning how to work with them. We haven’t always felt patient (or happy) with the development times, but our efforts really do help make the path easier, not just for Bogobrush, but for other eco-friendly products, too.

Photo Nov 06, 7 42 15 PM

BORN IN THE USA. We are so proud of our U.S. manufacturing partners, and we want you to get to know them, too.  Stay tuned over the next weeks and months as we introduce you to our Bogobrush makers.

Until next time, keep on brushin’!