50 bags of trash + 1 set of dentures

ON APRIL 22, FIFTEEN DETROITERS GATHERED for the Earth Day Clean Up we sponsored with The Collective at True North. Armed with work gloves, and garbage bags of all shapes and sizes, this crew ventured into the endless blocks of trash near the Core City neighborhood in Detroit. 

We picked up garbage for 2 hours, and made our way through only 1 city block. One block! We ended up with 2 mounded pick-up loads, and nearly 50 bags of trash. Plenty of garbage was not even accessible through the brambles of bushes, or were rubber tires that need special pick-up. But, it's pretty amazing how cleaning up affects the neighborhood. 


After the event, Bre (co-founder of The Collective) was closing up and a neighbor came out and shared this touching story:

"I'm 84 years old and have lived on the street for 50 years. I saw people outside and just had to come out and say thank you for taking time to do something about the trash in the area. I raised 10 kids in this house and now I have grandchildren and great-grandchildren! This little corner of Detroit used so vibrant; filled with cafes and shops. It makes me feel so happy to see all the new things coming to the area and that the people moving in truly care about bringing the neighborhood back." 

Every bit matters. <3

Thanks to all the Detroiters who came out for Earth Day. Stay tuned for another clean-up event later this summer.


Bre, co-founder of The Collective helps set an intention and instruction for the clean-up.
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cleaning up, cleaning up
yay, snacks! always need a bit of reward after hardwork.
the Clean Up coordinators, Laura and Bre:)
THANKS EVERYONE! See you next time. Until then, keep on brushin' :)
pictures (instant and digital) by Mar Mnz