Heather Visits United Nations Uganda

Last week, co-founder Heather traveled with her husband, David, to Kampala, Uganda, where their friends Chris and Heather are working and tackling some of the biggest challenges facing the Ugandan people.  As part of their trip, they had the opportunity to attend an event at the United Nations in Kampala as Chris's guests.

The event was for a branch of the United Nations called Pulse Lab.  Pulse Lab is a think-tank, of sorts, that is working on developing tech platforms for analyzing and showcasing big data in real time.  It's all a bit wordy sounding, but in application it's cutting edge.  There are only three Pulse Labs in the world: Jakarta, New York, and Kampala. 

In Kampala, Uganda, unbelievable amounts of data are gathered, often times via mobile device, from organizations in areas like public health, public safety, climate and clean water.  Pulse Lab creates tools to compare the data and help decision-makers identify trends, solve problems, and in some cases predict epidemics or outbreaks.  

At the event, Pulse was presenting the tool in the context of HIV/AIDS treatment, specifically Option B+, which is a treatment to reduce mother to child transmission of AIDS. In partnership with The Ministry of Health and UNAID, Pulse Lab Kampala is developing an application that uses real-time analytics to monitor the implementation of Option B+ and the quality of the service delivered by health centers.  

This level of data analysis is leading the way in the UN globally.  

"It was such an honor to be in the presence of the Pulse Lab team in Kampala, and to witness the direct impact their work has on issues I've only ever heard about at a distance.  These individuals are truly on ground level, helping the world be a better place." - Heather